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27 July 2009

Flunky Avant-Premiere!

Check out this awesome poster Andy made for the avant-premiere of Flunky tonight! I know, sweet.

If you're wondering where this event is at: it's at L'Ane Fou in Scharbeek. Well, the French would call it l'Ane Fou. I'd call it the Crazy Donkey.

There will be more news on the event once it occurs, but for now, this is a Great Leap Forward: our first public-ish screening. By public-ish I mean we will be screening it for most of the cast and crew, but it is a public venue, so some Monday night local tipplers might also watch history unfold.

Things are coming together.


13 July 2009

Building a projector screen


This is how close we're getting to a screening: I'm searching wikihow to learn how to make a projector screen.

The film isn't quite finished, no date for the 'avant-premiere' has been chosen, and there are still many things to do, but we're getting there.

One of those things to do is quite likely "Make a Projector Screen."

The answer to the question: "Could Flunky be anymore of a DIY, shoestring-budgeted example of hardwork and tireless dedication in service of the Art of Cinema?"

I doubt it.

Anyone want to help make a projector screen?


02 June 2009

Value of a Producer


When I read the following blogpost, it helped me understand what I was supposed to be doing when I was co-producing Flunky. Read it to gain some new appreciation for the importance of producers.

The Producer Credit: What It Means To Me

Producing is all I do and the only credit I get. The meaning and value of that credit erodes all the time as financiers and packagers and directors seek to share it. I do something very specific though that none of those other collaborators do. I am there from the very beginning until the very end doing my best to make sure that the best team assembled, best environment created, best film made, full potential realized, best release and marketing strategy conceived, and maximum revenue (within those other considerations) achieved. It is my role to make sure that all options are considered and the ramification of each choice considered in advance. Read the original post here.

Also read this: What is the Actual Job of a Movie Producer?

Alot of this doesn't apply to Flunky - the contracts and finances stuff particularly - but still...


01 December 2008

Janine at her desk - photo

(Photo by France Dubois)