19 January 2009

Two thousand and Flunky

It's 2009. We're almost one-twelfth of the way in. which might have you panicking, thinking 'OMG, I had such big dreams for this year, and it's already slipping away'.

Fear not, I encourage you to think of this year as a glass, not 1/12 empty, but rather 11/12 full.

I hope that relaxes you. I know it fills me with serenity, calmness and relaxation. All at once.

OK, enough with the pep talk. I know why you're here, you're clamoring for news of Flunky.

Here it is: so far it has not been edited. But between the holidays, the bout of wintry weather, and a post-production plan still in development, that is hardly surprising. And like I said, time is (still) on our side.

I'm meeting up with Bernardo on Thursday, for our first meeting of this fresh new year. After that meeting expect a flurry of activity followed immediately by a finished product, wrapped in a bow and delivered to your house in the middle of the night.

Is it just me, or does the air in 2009 smell of promise, honeysuckle, and smiles?
It isn't just me is it? I thought not.