30 July 2010

Flunky: The Trailer


20 May 2010


Sweet animated short about working.

Work from Michael Rianda on Vimeo.


02 May 2010

10 Crazy Short Films

From Oddee, 10 Craziest Short Films.


24 April 2010

Sound Ch-Check Checked

Yesterday a sound mix was done on the film, which means everything is set. Except for some final sexy touches. And then, I'll get to see the final product (which I'm pretty excited about). And we'll get to start sending it out to some film fests.

After a long wait it's now down to the final post-production phase. Which means that before long it'll be projected onto the moon.

Or, maybe just online, and hopefully at a film fest in your town.


18 January 2010

Post-production: final push

I just got off the phone with Bernardo. Now that Charles is on board, and we're working towards finishing this film off. Like any good editor Charles brings both creativity and technical skills to the project. I'm not there in the editing suite, but by all accounts, it's getting done!

Which means we should have a completed film by the start of February, and we can move this project into the 'shoving it into letterboxes, mailslots and faces' phase.

One I am looking forward to immensely.


13 December 2009

Trailer full of films

There's an editor on board. This was a long overdue development. Also, he seems awesome, bringing the awesome quotient on Flunky up to 'unanimous'.

We're all very excited as this is the kick we need to bring the post-production of this project to completion so we can get this little beauty out there.

I'm hoping he is able to edit us a sweet trailer for our short film. (See above) Via The High Definite


16 September 2009

You say tomato, I say pomidor

Actress, film-maker and writer Sofia Caessa (AKA Janine Laraque) wrote the cover story for the September 10 issue weekly news magazine The Bulletin, a periodical that should be familiar to all English-speaking expats habitating in Brussels.

The subtitle of the article is 'falling in love in a global city: can it ever work?' The answer is probably yes, but when it comes to work, it's always best to be sure you're prepared for the sacrifices you're going to have to make. Just ask Marco.


27 July 2009

Flunky Avant-Premiere!

Check out this awesome poster Andy made for the avant-premiere of Flunky tonight! I know, sweet.

If you're wondering where this event is at: it's at L'Ane Fou in Scharbeek. Well, the French would call it l'Ane Fou. I'd call it the Crazy Donkey.

There will be more news on the event once it occurs, but for now, this is a Great Leap Forward: our first public-ish screening. By public-ish I mean we will be screening it for most of the cast and crew, but it is a public venue, so some Monday night local tipplers might also watch history unfold.

Things are coming together.


13 July 2009

Building a projector screen


This is how close we're getting to a screening: I'm searching wikihow to learn how to make a projector screen.

The film isn't quite finished, no date for the 'avant-premiere' has been chosen, and there are still many things to do, but we're getting there.

One of those things to do is quite likely "Make a Projector Screen."

The answer to the question: "Could Flunky be anymore of a DIY, shoestring-budgeted example of hardwork and tireless dedication in service of the Art of Cinema?"

I doubt it.

Anyone want to help make a projector screen?


03 July 2009

The Wizards of Oz

As this blogpost goes to press, Flunky continues to be edited. Significantly, we are now more or less in possession of a final mock-up of the image, which we're pleased with. Bernardo has adorned this with some musical stylings which give this powerful film a suitable level of absurdity and gravitas. He is now engaged in the process of taking this model and creating the final mastercopy.
But that's not all...

In Amsterdam, a logo is being created.
In London, the sound of the film is being designed. And...
In Toronto, the website is being touched up and finalized.

What do these three things have in common? They are all activities being undertaken by a creative powerteam of Australian expats who have spread themselves across the globe to bring awesomeness to their new respective world capitals, and channel some of their goodness into the project we call 'Flunky'.

There will be more new as we gear up for the next phase. Seriously: we're getting close.<


22 June 2009

Getting ready for the film fests

Truly Free Film has a great To Do list for filmmakers getting ready to enter into film fests. Note that Number 3 is to have a blog.

Yeah, we're pretty ahead of the curve.

Generally though, Bernardo and I have done some of these things others are in some stage of development, and some we need to get on quick. It's a good list.

Most importantly: the film itself; yes, ladies and gentlemen, Flunky is even closer now to being ready to be shown publicly. That's because Bernardo has been locked into an editing suiteshaping the final product.

He has been doing a killer job editing everything together. His creative touch has added layers, depth, and overall sexiness to a short film that was already stacked with sexiness and pitchblack humour.

Is it ready yet? No, it is not.

But we are starting to be able to make out that light at the end of the tunnel. That light is of course, coming from a projector booth, and when we get to that light Flunky will be projected onto screens, walls, hearts, minds and ..uh, whatever else is around.


02 June 2009

Value of a Producer


When I read the following blogpost, it helped me understand what I was supposed to be doing when I was co-producing Flunky. Read it to gain some new appreciation for the importance of producers.

The Producer Credit: What It Means To Me

Producing is all I do and the only credit I get. The meaning and value of that credit erodes all the time as financiers and packagers and directors seek to share it. I do something very specific though that none of those other collaborators do. I am there from the very beginning until the very end doing my best to make sure that the best team assembled, best environment created, best film made, full potential realized, best release and marketing strategy conceived, and maximum revenue (within those other considerations) achieved. It is my role to make sure that all options are considered and the ramification of each choice considered in advance. Read the original post here.

Also read this: What is the Actual Job of a Movie Producer?

Alot of this doesn't apply to Flunky - the contracts and finances stuff particularly - but still...


28 May 2009

Job Interview - Pepsi Max vs Flunky

Flunky the film is in no way associated with Pepsi Max... except of course we both made wildly hilarious short films about a job interview.

That's where the similarities end. Right. There.

  • They had a huge budget. We had no budget.
  • Theirs is marketing. Ours is art.
  • Theirs is less than a minute. Ours is approximately a TV half hour.
  • They had massive resources behind their global megabrand. We are independent geniuses. Geniuses, yes. But also independent. Fiercely so.

    Oh and one more difference:

  • Theirs is finished. Ours is almost finished.


20 May 2009

Bernardo and Ryan

Do we look brilliant? Maybe not. But we do look good.

Speaking of looking good and being brilliant: Flunky should be both of those things. And soon.

Bernardo and I had a meeting last night, and hung out. And it was good. And fun. And productive. We're right on schedule for a late-June avant-premiere. Anyone who knows an excellent place for this event should contact me by leaving a comment.

Also more exciting news: our website (a real website!! For the film!!) is in production and should be coming up soon.

It'll be awesome!!


21 April 2009

Onward and upward...

Photo by France Dubois

Flunky is really happening!!!

This week Bernardo is going to show me a rough cut of the film. I know - soooooooooo exciting!! I cannot wait. It's been a long time coming, but the suspense is fuelling the fire and desire.

Also we'll discuss music and mood and other creative choices for getting the right tone for this brilliant cultural juggernaut of creative synergistic brilliance.

In other news, Bernardo got a grant!!

Congratulations from all of us at Solutions Labour Solutions, as one of our brightest lights gets the recognition he deserves!!


19 March 2009

Antwerp Diamond Heist: the movie

Flunky is still in editing phase, who knows when that will draw to a close, but we can all hope that it will be soon.

In the meantime, if you're wondering what is not the next project, but is an incredible story nonetheless, may I drect you to this post on the brilliant idea to write a film based on the Antwerp Diamond Heist perpetraed by Leonardo Notarbartolo and his gang.


12 March 2009

03 March 2009


Recently, I've had two acting gigs.

One was playing job applicant Marco Duran, in the jawdroppingly compelling short 'Flunky', directed by Bernardo Camisao.

The second was playing job applicant John Driver, for an industrial role-play, as part of a training course.

The most striking coincidence, other than their striking good looks, is that these men are both job applicants.

Typecasting? Or perhaps I've found my niche...

I need an acting job, and if you need an under-employed actor to play someone who needs a job, well then you've come to the right place.

What did that last sentence mean?

It doesn't matter. Like a mobius strip chasing its own tale, the journey is the end in and of itself.


19 February 2009

View from the bridge

I haven't yet seen Flunky: the footage, but there's a chance I may get to do so tonight.

Am I excited? Well, actually, thank you for asking. Yes. Yes I am.


12 February 2009

Flunky- the word cloud

From Wordle