28 May 2009

Job Interview - Pepsi Max vs Flunky

Flunky the film is in no way associated with Pepsi Max... except of course we both made wildly hilarious short films about a job interview.

That's where the similarities end. Right. There.

  • They had a huge budget. We had no budget.
  • Theirs is marketing. Ours is art.
  • Theirs is less than a minute. Ours is approximately a TV half hour.
  • They had massive resources behind their global megabrand. We are independent geniuses. Geniuses, yes. But also independent. Fiercely so.

    Oh and one more difference:

  • Theirs is finished. Ours is almost finished.


20 May 2009

Bernardo and Ryan

Do we look brilliant? Maybe not. But we do look good.

Speaking of looking good and being brilliant: Flunky should be both of those things. And soon.

Bernardo and I had a meeting last night, and hung out. And it was good. And fun. And productive. We're right on schedule for a late-June avant-premiere. Anyone who knows an excellent place for this event should contact me by leaving a comment.

Also more exciting news: our website (a real website!! For the film!!) is in production and should be coming up soon.

It'll be awesome!!