22 June 2009

Getting ready for the film fests

Truly Free Film has a great To Do list for filmmakers getting ready to enter into film fests. Note that Number 3 is to have a blog.

Yeah, we're pretty ahead of the curve.

Generally though, Bernardo and I have done some of these things others are in some stage of development, and some we need to get on quick. It's a good list.

Most importantly: the film itself; yes, ladies and gentlemen, Flunky is even closer now to being ready to be shown publicly. That's because Bernardo has been locked into an editing suiteshaping the final product.

He has been doing a killer job editing everything together. His creative touch has added layers, depth, and overall sexiness to a short film that was already stacked with sexiness and pitchblack humour.

Is it ready yet? No, it is not.

But we are starting to be able to make out that light at the end of the tunnel. That light is of course, coming from a projector booth, and when we get to that light Flunky will be projected onto screens, walls, hearts, minds and ..uh, whatever else is around.

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