27 July 2009

Flunky Avant-Premiere!

Check out this awesome poster Andy made for the avant-premiere of Flunky tonight! I know, sweet.

If you're wondering where this event is at: it's at L'Ane Fou in Scharbeek. Well, the French would call it l'Ane Fou. I'd call it the Crazy Donkey.

There will be more news on the event once it occurs, but for now, this is a Great Leap Forward: our first public-ish screening. By public-ish I mean we will be screening it for most of the cast and crew, but it is a public venue, so some Monday night local tipplers might also watch history unfold.

Things are coming together.


13 July 2009

Building a projector screen


This is how close we're getting to a screening: I'm searching wikihow to learn how to make a projector screen.

The film isn't quite finished, no date for the 'avant-premiere' has been chosen, and there are still many things to do, but we're getting there.

One of those things to do is quite likely "Make a Projector Screen."

The answer to the question: "Could Flunky be anymore of a DIY, shoestring-budgeted example of hardwork and tireless dedication in service of the Art of Cinema?"

I doubt it.

Anyone want to help make a projector screen?


03 July 2009

The Wizards of Oz

As this blogpost goes to press, Flunky continues to be edited. Significantly, we are now more or less in possession of a final mock-up of the image, which we're pleased with. Bernardo has adorned this with some musical stylings which give this powerful film a suitable level of absurdity and gravitas. He is now engaged in the process of taking this model and creating the final mastercopy.
But that's not all...

In Amsterdam, a logo is being created.
In London, the sound of the film is being designed. And...
In Toronto, the website is being touched up and finalized.

What do these three things have in common? They are all activities being undertaken by a creative powerteam of Australian expats who have spread themselves across the globe to bring awesomeness to their new respective world capitals, and channel some of their goodness into the project we call 'Flunky'.

There will be more new as we gear up for the next phase. Seriously: we're getting close.<