21 November 2008

Actor profile - Henri Colens

Henri Colens - Reggie Sheppard

Henri lives in Brussels, where he works in the European Parliament. He is Belgian, but has spent most of his life in England. Before his political career he was employed variously as a teacher, journalist and car and book salesman.

Henri got started in theatre when working backstage in a couple of school plays and then he started acting whilst at university, in Durham, England. He's been in about twenty productions as an actor, and he has fond memories of all of them, most notably Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing (Debut Theatre Company), Dancing at Lughnasa and Disappeared (Cast Theatre Company), Stage Door and Ali Baba (The Madrid Players), and most recently Accidental Death of An Anarchist and Diana of Dobsons (English Comedy Club) at The Warehouse, Brussels.

He also teamed up with Flunky-writer Ryan Millar for award-winning one-act play The Power Force, which was a blast. He believes all good plays should challenge and involve the audience in some way, and with that philosophy in mind, in 2005 he helped set up a theatre group in Madrid called Compañía Accidente Coregrafiado which was based on the "Viewpoints" technique of legendary theatre director Anne Bogart.

Henri has little film experience, but he really enjoyed working with everyone in 'Flunky', and hopes to do more work with them in the future. Henri is happy to portray another buffoon in the make-believe world.


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